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How to Guide: Vinyl Signs to Acrylic Collection Dividers


What you will need?

  • Masking Tape
  • Anything with a flat, straight edge e.g. ruler, credit card, spatula or squeegee.
  • Measuring tape or ruler.
  • Spray bottle - with warm water and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid

How are  my signs supplied?

Vinyl Signs are adhesive and consist of three layers:

  1. Top Layer - Transfer paper through which you can see the vinyl letters
  2. Middle layer - The vinyl lettering 
  3. Bottom layer -Backing paper.

Step 1

Place a single Acrylic Collection Divider on your shelf to ascertain the correct orientation of the right angle. This is important as it will determine the positioning of your vinyl sign.

Step 2

Clean the surface of the Acrylic Collection Divider and ensure it is dry before commencing application.

Step 3

Place the vinyl sign sheet on the appropriate side of the Acrylic Collection Divider.

Step 4

Stick a piece of masking tape across the top of the vinyl sign sheet to adhere it to the Acrylic Collection Divider. The masking tape will act as a hinge to keep the vinyl letters in place while you apply the sign. 

Step 5

Ensure that the vinyl sign sheet is straight by measuring to the edge of the collection divider.

Step 6

Once you are happy with the positioning of the sign, flip up the vinyl sign sheet and lightly spray the surface of the collection divider with warm water mixed with a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid. Do not wet the backing paper.

Step 7

Peel off the backing paper. Be careful that all the lettering remains attached to the transfer paper. The masking tape is now working as a hinge and the transfer paper is holding your sign in place prior to application on the divider.

Step 8

Slowly lower the vinyl sign sheet on the divider, working from top to bottom and firmly pressing down on the transfer paper (with straight edge implement) to smooth out any bubbles as you lower the sheet. Once the sheet is down, press firmly to ensure there are no bubbles under the vinyl. Work any air bubbles  to an edge. Dry any excess water with a clean cloth,  then leave for an hour to dry and adhere to the surface.

Step 9

Carefully remove the transfer paper revealing the vinyl sign. If you notice any letters coming away, re-rub the application tape and vinyl before attempting to remove again.  If needed, lightly spray the transfer paper with water to assist it to come away from the vinyl.

Step 10

Gently dry with cloth.
If you notice air bubbles, cover your straight edged implement with a cloth (to avoid scratching the vinyl sign) and firmly push any air bubbles to the nearest edge.

Extra tips:

  • Small bubbles will settle over a period of 1-2 weeks. Large bubbles can be pierced with a pin to allow for the air to be worked out.
  • You can clean your dividers and vinyl signs with mentholated spirits and a clean cloth. 


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