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How to Guide: Shelf Divider Stands


Step 1

Lay the divider on the desk with the adhesive tape and clear plastic pouch facing up. Insert your laminated sign into the clear plastic pouch.

Step 2

Turn the divider over so the plastic pouch is face down.

Step 3

Fold in panels at their crease, towards the centre of the divider. Lay all panels flat again.

Step 4

Bring the far right panel into the middle, holding it in place with your right hand.

Step 5

As shown in the image, bring the opposite panels together, ensuring the panel with the horizontal slits is on the inside.

Step 6

Remove the backing tape and insert both semicircle tabs through the horizontal slits to secure the panels in place. Note - pre-fold the semicircle tabs to allow easy insertion of the tabs.

Step 7

From inside the box, secure the tabs in place by firmly pressing the tape in position.

Step 8

Now bring the top panels together, insert both semicircle tabs into the slits and secure in place. Repeat this step for the bottom panels.

Step 9

Finally, remove the backing tape on the remaining top panel and insert the long tab in position to close the top of the divider. Press and hold the tape in position for 20 seconds. Repeat this step for the remaining bottom panel.


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