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How to Guide: Printed Vinyl Stickers 


Step 1

Clean the selected surface and ensure it is dry before commencing application.

Step 2

Mark the positioning for the sticker with masking tape or a marker that can be removed once the sticker is applied. 
If you feel confident to line the sticker up by eye, then please do so.

Step 3

Remove the backing paper from the vinyl sticker. Be careful not to let the sign stick to itself.

Step 4

Line the sticker up by eye, and against your marks.

Step 5

Carefully lower the sticker down onto the surface, trying not to trap any air underneath the sticker.

Step 6

Working from the centre out to the nearest edge, smooth out any bubbles away with a damp cloth and your fingers.

Step 7

Finish by firmly smoothing over the sticker with a damp cloth.

Extra tips:

  • We have included some test signs for practice. Please follow the instructions when applying the test stickers and before attempting to apply your own stickers. 
  • Signs can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

  • Do not use mentholated spirits or any other harsh cleaning agents.
  • Vinyl signs can be removed but not reused.


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