Learning in a Changing World Series

Learning in a Changing World Series

First published in 2010 (Reprinted in 2012) The Learning in a Changing World series presents the core areas for all educators and school leaders to consider for 21st century learning: the digital world, virtual worlds, curriculum integration, resourcing and the physical environment. All are essential elements to enable and empower students to be lifelong learners and active participants in our society.

Titles in this set include:

  • Resourcing for Curriculum Innovation
  • Designing the Learning Environment
  • Connect, Communicate, Collaborate
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Virtual Worlds

Titles are avaiable individually and as set

A 10% discount applies when purchasing all five titles in the series.

"Aimed at teachers and teacher librarians, this informative series considers the way learning is evolving in the digital age. Erudite and forward thinking educational theorists and practitioners (Dean Groom, Dr Susan La Marca, Judy O'Connell, Sandra Ryan, Dr Ross Todd, and June Wall) focus on the impact of technology on curriculum and teaching practices in schools. Each of the five books presents an aspect of technology led change, citing research, practical examples, and a large number of resources for additional information and support. Broadly, the topics include engaging learners in the Web 2.0 world; implementing Guided Inquiry in classrooms and school libraries; the importance of appropriate physical resources and spaces for learning; the nature of inquiry, collaboration and digital resources in the 21st century; and the educational value of engaging in virtual worlds. Clear and concise, the series reveals how to reconcile features operating in the changing paradigm with teaching and learning processes."Reviewed by C. Sly

Published in Scan: The journal for educators, Volume 31, May 2012

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